Our Service & Dedication To Our Customers

Communication, teamwork, partnership, and on-site supervision of our contracts from beginning to end are the keys to our success and your happiness.  All projects are carefully planned, scheduled, and monitored to ensure the best of service offered to all customers. Our high standards of professionalism, combined with reliability and integrity, yield a continuous list of satisfied customers. Allow us to give you a brief description of the types of service we have to offer.


Bulk Material
Possum belly bulk wood by-product trailers capable of maximum allowable gross tonnage in both Oregon and California. Five axle equipment with trailers ranging from 42 to 53 foot for California operations, and eight axle configurations in Oregon ranging from 28 foot double trailers to 53 foot quad-axles. Our super-van trailers located in both states allow us to offer flatbed freight and also the ability to load bulk product in the same trailer, which enables us the opportunity to offer favorable rates for a wide range of customers.We also have a large fleet of live-floor self-dumping trailers capable of job site deliveries or to your storage yard. Our live-floor trailers also come in various lengths capable of hauling 120 to 160 yard loads.

Lumber and General Freight
Out of our Arcata North yard we provide flatbed freight transportation for a wide range of commodities, including lumber, dry goods, equipment, and bulk animal feed.  We offer drop deck, curtain side, and flatbeds, feed hoppers and self rear-unloading feed trailers along with our specialized super-vans.


In most of our locations we specialize in the transferring of municipal solid waste, recyclables, and green waste. We offer either possum-belly tipper trailers or self-dump trailers for whatever application is needed.


Bulk Material Reload
In our Medford division we have a bulk product reload facility. We have the ability to off-load and reload various types of bulk products. As an example, in the past we have brought product into our reload out of California and reloaded in our extended weight equipment to continue the route into locations in the most northern areas of Oregon. With California legal gross weight of 80,000 pounds and Oregon gross vehicle weight of 105,000 pounds, the option of reloading at our facility has proven to be a cost savings to those customers shipping out of California into northern Oregon locations.


If any of the above strikes your interest, please do not hesitate to give us call. (see contact page)